Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Using yagmap to cope with email overload

Email overload is a common problem, especially in large organisations and the longer you've worked somewhere. It’s amazing how spammers manage to get hold of your email address regardless of how well you try to prevent it.

According to Symnantec (http://www.symanteccloud.com/en/gb/globalthreats/charts/spam_monthly) about 74% of all emails are spam and whilst your company's filtering service will do a good job of eliminating most of it, unfortunately and inevitably a significant amount will still get through to your inbox. In 2003, the BBC reported that spam email costs us an hour a day of unproductive time and it’s likely that this situation has got worse since.

So how can yagmap help you?

The way to use yagmap and make it most effective, is to set up groups with key contacts - those with whom communication is critical. Those whose emails you can’t afford to miss amongst the junk.

As you’ll trust and know the people in the group, you’ll know that only genuine correspondence will be posted to the group, not adverts for knock off watches or fake pills!

This means you can respond quicker as messages are delivered immediately, not delayed going via spam filters. Plus you can seamlessly switch devices, for example, from your laptop to Blackberry to personal iPhone. You can respond whenever and wherever.

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