Friday, 5 August 2011

The principles of yagmap group messaging

  • Yagmap is based on the principle of 'compartmentalised' messaging groups
  • Each group can have as few or as many members as you like
  • Every group has a 'Group Owner' and 'Group Members'
  • Messages are kept within the members of the group
  • When a message is submitted all members within the group can see it and respond
  • Any group can have a number of different conversations, just like in real life!
  • Any member can start a new conversation - just remember to try and make the topic clear to everyone else in the group!
  • Group Owners own the group. They choose who is invited. They can delete or add new members. When a new member is invited, an invitation will be sent to the invitee. To join the group the invitee must register with yagmap and can then choose whether or not to accept the invitation.
  • Group Members are part of the group. They can view and submit messages within the group and can create new conversations.  They cannot amend the member list, on the Group Owner can do this.
  • You can 'own' multiple groups and be a member of multiple groups